“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” Warren Buffett

Different people seek financial advice for different reasons. They have different expectations and they benefit in different ways. However, one thing our clients agree on is that the greatest value they get from their relationship with their financial adviser is not investment advice, or the extra wealth they build up over time, it is not even the greater peace of mind that someone has their financial affairs in order. The one thing they value above all others is their independence.

Independence the confidence to choose what’s right for you rather than what’s necessary- to seize opportunities when they arise, to take risks because you want to, not because you have. Independence is knowing you can move jobs, change careers, upgrade your lifestyle, re-think your own life and make changes for the better. It can get you through tough times with resilience and compassion and enjoy the good times to the fullest, knowing you have an underlying financial plan tailored to you.

Your adviser is no Robinson Crusoe

Can any one adviser really give you all that value? We don’t believe so. That’s why, behind each of our advisers stands a team of highly qualified and dedicated people who help your adviser deliver all that value. Paraplanners, researchers, analysts, technical experts, administration staff and communications experts – to name just a few.